Getting Started

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Getting Started

StayOnHire is built for growing rental businesses to manage daily operations of plant and machinery for dry hire (meaning without operators or labour).

Learn the Basics

Some of the biggest barriers to switching to StayOnHire (from spreadsheets or other software services) are often related to cost, efficiency and benefit; such as staff training, software usability and complexity.

With this in mind, our documentation is intended to be short, simple and efficient at helping you get the most out of our service.

StayOnHire Desktop Version 2.3.0


StayOnHire is a desktop application, meaning it runs on laptops or computers connected to the internet; that run Mac, Windows or Linux operating systems (OS).

To begin the setup of your account, your staff and team will need to install the program on each computer they wish to be accessing the service from.


To install StayOnHire for Mac (OS 10.x) devices:

3. Launch the application

Open Finder >Applications > Right Click > Open
Click Open (not Cancel)
A short loading screen should appear
Followed by a login screen


StayOnHire is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. To install StayOnHire for Windows (OS 7.x +) devices:

1. Download StayOnHire for Windows.

Click the 'Download for Mac' button

2. Install the application

My Documents > Downloads > Right Click > Open
Once opened, go ahead an open the Installer
Select the 'Run' option

3. Launch the application

To reveal a short loading screen
Before leaving you to login