Plant & Heavy Equipment Hire

The essential tools for streamlining your plant hire operations

Designed to make managing jobs, asset inventory, damages, contracts, billable hours and more, easier than ever.

Simple, reliable and easy-to-learn for all staff members
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From civil construction companies:
"I'm loving using the StayOnHire program and am finding the ease of functionality the best feature!"
Operations Administrator at Red Dust Holdings

Manage plant & equipment hires / jobs with StayOnHire

This includes all of your fleet, from large loaders to small as fire extinguishers and buckets, we have the software that your team needs to keep all of these in check.


Whether you take direct client calls or process RFQs, StayOnHire will be ready when you are.


Switch from paper, diaries, notepads, whiteboards, calendars or spreadsheets by directly tracking details in StayOnHire.


Enable you planners, workshop staff and field operators to see what machines are where and when at a glance.


Customise specific job variables, like agreed hours usage, fuel charges and attach your standard T&Cs.


Track real on/off hire times

Compare billable hours against contract

Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone and see up-to-date financials.


Capture, record and digitally create PDF condition reports of your asset's condition before or after a hire.


End the disputes with condition report comparison showing direct inspections side-by-side and save yourself tens of hours and thousands in un-recoverable costs.


Send your client to a digital portal where they can pay invoices, sign hire agreements and access condition reports associated with their hire.

Our values at StayOnHire

Succeed together

We want your business to grow and perform, as much as we do of ourselves.

We demand great software

We aim to never stop improving and refining our service and value to you.

More than a price tag

No matter the charge, we strive to always put our best feet forward.

Organise your growing business with scalable solutions

Get powerfully simple software supported by a customer-centric focus, that ensures you and your team are always putting your best feet forward.

Track Jobs

Create and track jobs across your branch locations, teams and organisation with a calendar that allows you to visualise availability at a glance.

Track Assets

Create, update and access a comprehensive catalogue of your fleet's core information in one unified spreadsheet for the whole team.

Capture On/Off Hire Times

Differentiate your pending and live on hires with build-in time tracking and hire status features for you staff to capture and record 24/7.

Create a Master Schedule

From admin to workshop fitters and plant operators; keep them on the same page with a unified run sheet for your operations.

Prevent Double Handling

Ditch the manual spreadsheet entry for billing and automatically populate spreadsheets with key information coming straight from your calendar and on/off hire logs.

Connect your Office and Site

Capture usage, damage and operator pre-start information in the field from any mobile devices with signal.