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We help your team

  • manage wet & dry hire fleets
  • stop double-handling information
  • execute jobs and projects
  • migrate off spreadsheets
  • track billable units
  • scale fleets and labour
  • manage cross-hire
  • prevent double-bookings
Allocating resources with StayOnHire and JobAdder

Sales, Operations & Admin

Improve communication across your operations with software that keeps everyone on the same page:

Visualise availability of people and plant

Build jobs and allocate resources

Identify scheduling conflicts including planned vs billable allocations

Visualising invoices in StayOnHire

Management & Billing

Reduce repetitive, manual tasks and improve team collaboration across your operations:

Connect your office and field digitally

Capture billable labour and SMU hour units

Reduce employee training time with modern, easy-to-use software flexible to your needs

A tablet and mobile device showing the ready status of StayOnHire

Field Workers & Operators

Improve communication with the office in real-time with mobile apps that do the heavy lifting:

Create visibility between field and office

Photos, notes asset statuses and on/off hire

Cross-platform compatibility with iOS, android, mobile and tablet devices

Trusted by industry leading companies
From civil construction companies:
"I'm loving using the StayOnHire program and am finding the ease of functionality the best feature!"
Operations Administrator at Red Dust Holdings

Organise your business with scalable solutions

Get powerfully simple software supported by a customer-centric focus, that ensures you and your team are always putting your best feet forward.

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Track Jobs

Create and track jobs across your branch locations, teams and organisation with a calendar that allows you to visualise availability at a glance.

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Track Assets

Create, update and access a comprehensive catalogue of your fleet's core information in one unified spreadsheet for the whole team.

Blue stopwatch icon

Capture On/Off Hire Times

Differentiate your pending and live on hires with build-in time tracking and hire status features for you staff to capture and record 24/7.

Blue calendar sync icon

Create a Master Schedule

From admin to workshop fitters and plant operators; keep them on the same page with a unified run sheet for your operations.

Blue spreadsheet sync icon

Prevent Double Handling

Ditch the manual spreadsheet entry for billing and automatically populate spreadsheets with key information coming straight from your calendar and on/off hire logs.

Connect your Office and Site

Capture usage, damage and operator pre-start information in the field from any mobile devices with signal.

Use integrations to connect and automate complex tasks

Keep your business accounting up to date with integrations designed to synchronise key contact information and keep your daily operations efficient.

Worker standing in front of integrationsworker with logos surrounding him

Built for growing companies

We serve a range of company needs as unique and different as their operations.

Excavator small business

Small Businesses

The best companies start on spreadsheets, with nimble and dynamic processes. Create structure and repeatable systems for every new hire in your team with StayOnHire.
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Expanding Quickly

Growing pains are good pains, but when the inefficiencies grow too, we'll show you a modern, easy to use and reliable solutions that scales with you and your team.
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Not every big business lives on legacy ERP systems. We're living proof that modern, simple solutions can work for even the most complex teams and operations.
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For those who need more

We can do custom solutions

Not every plant and heavy equipment hire business is the same. With countless solutions under our belt, we're confident you won't be disappointed in the value or solution.

export const AssetStatusDetails = {
    [AssetStatus.READY]: {
      text: "Ready for hire",
      value: AssetStatus.READY,
      color: "blue",
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Standard conditions apply, including but not limited to:

1 Offer valid with a current invoice from any competitor.
1 Offer valid for StayOnHire annual plans.
1 Credit will be applied to a StayOnHire plan in an amount equal to the amount that is payable to the competitor as of the date of switching to StayOnHire, for the same number of users, for a maximum credit of two years of the selected StayOnHire service.


Standard conditions apply, including but not limited to:

2 Offer valid for new customer referrals with an annual subscription.
2 Credit will be issued in Australian Dollars ($AUD).
2 Credits cannot be redeemed for cash or vouchers of any type.
2 Credits are not transferrable outside of your organisation.
2 Credit will be applied once the referral has completed their onboarding.

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