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GENERATOR hire & RENTAL software

Help your team manage

  • transport to/from site
  • before/after hire photos
  • short & long term hire
  • on/off hire engine hours
  • service & maintenance
  • recurring invoices & stand downs
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Management & Billing

Reduce repetitive, manual tasks and improve team collaboration across your operations:

Connect your office and field digitally

Capture billable labour and SMU hour units

Reduce employee training time with modern, easy-to-use software flexible to your needs

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Sales, Operations & Admin

Improve communication across your operations with software that keeps everyone on the same page:

Visualise availability of people and plant

Build jobs and allocate resources

Identify scheduling conflicts including planned vs billable allocations

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Field Workers & Operators

Improve communication with the office in real-time with mobile apps that do the heavy lifting:

Create visibility between field and office

Photos, notes asset statuses and on/off hire

Cross-platform compatibility with iOS, android, mobile and tablet devices


We keep your operations streamlined

Reduce the time spent trying to find job, fleet and worker details with software that allows you to manage it all in an easy-to-use system for your key personnel

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Visualise your short and long-term projects, vehicle and labour availability with real-time sync across all users:

Switch between calendar and spreadsheet views

Compare planned vs billable changes on a job

Track internal assets and cross-hired machinery

An image displaying the scheduling of vehicles and labour

Allocate operators, plant and equipment to projects and manage their billable state as the hire/project progresses:

Manage in bulk or at an individual level

Build individual labour teams within a project

Manage roles and competencies with Role Codes


Build simple job deliveries, customer pickups and/or complex mobilisations (and demobilisations):

Manage simple and complex transport events

Delivery check-listing and template examples

Import dimensions and specs to freight plans

Large excavator being transported on the back of a prime mover for JDC Alliance
"We've been using StayOnHire for years now and have never looked back."
Toby Cocks
Director at All Forklifts & Equipment Hire

Filter your schedule to rapidly answer operational questions instantly:

Show machines and labour on a hire/project

Show all equipment on hire to a particular client

Find availability in a given period of time

Display jobs with overdue actions required

A timeline breaking up invoices by billable periods in StayOnHire

Never manually create another document by exporting job and allocation data into templates at the click of a button:

Upload your own templates and branding

Produce job summaries, hire agreements and freight briefs

Submit new document types and we can build them for you

A job summary and hire agreement docuemtn

Empower your field operators to gather field information with a mobile app that requires no explanation

Update the status of vehicles in your 'go line'

Take condition photos of machinery

Take a vehicle's SMU / engine / odometer reading

A tablet and mobile device showing the ready status of StayOnHire

StayOnHire for
Labour & Asset Management

This integration is perfect for medium-sized and fast growing companies that have demanding recruitment and project work.

Excavator small business

Fleets & Teams

Companies that manage wet or dry hire across several projects will find a huge advantage with this JobAdder integration to StayOnHire as their planning system.
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Expanding Quickly

Businesses that are growing quickly and need their internal teams to stay on the same page in relation to labour requirements, candidates, confirmed placements and job execution.
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A worker standing in front of administration and management

Large Organisations

Not every big business lives on legacy ERP systems. This integration is for teams that demand a modern solution, with easy-to-understand usability for all team members to contribute toward business objectives.
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We support your team's operational needs and implementation

We specialise in bringing management, sales, and planning teams together when migrating plant and heavy machinery hire operations at the pace you require.

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Schedule a demo

Jump in a video call with us and we'll give you a run down on all features and functions your company will have access to.

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Spreadsheets like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel Logos are Strong together

Start fresh or migrate across

We'll take a look at all the spreadsheets and data your business has and show you best practise for setting up, or even better, send them through and we can have a look at importing them in for you!

An administrator planning labour and vehicles

Implement gradually or fast

Keeping operations running smooth is the number one priority for us to ensure everyone on the team is confident in the solution. We'll help you roll it out, show key personnel how to use core functionality and ensure everyone in your team is getting value out of the system.


Frequently asked questions

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How does StayOnHire help us handle different types of generators and lighting towers in our fleet?

StayOnHire understands that managing diverse equipment can be complex.

Our platform is tailored to handle various generator and lighting tower types, providing a clear overview, so you can easily track, categorise, and manage every piece of equipment in your fleet.

This ensures a streamlined process, preventing any confusion or oversight.

How does StayOnHire ensure fair pricing for both small and large rental companies with diverse fleets?

StayOnHire recognises the importance of fair pricing for all rental companies, regardless of size.

Our tiered pricing structure ensures that both small and large businesses receive an amazing service tailored to their specific needs.

Whether you have a handful of assets or a large, diverse fleet of generators and lighting towers, StayOnHire's pricing adjusts to accommodate your business scale, promoting affordability and accessibility for every rental company.

How does StayOnHire remind us about servicing generators and lighting towers, taking into account their usage patterns and unique needs?

StayOnHire provides proactive reminders for maintenance based on the actual usage and unique service requirements of each generator and lighting tower.

This approach minimises downtime, ensuring optimal equipment condition and improved customer satisfaction.

Can StayOnHire work with our existing tools for tracking generators and lighting towers, like remote monitoring systems?

Absolutely! StayOnHire not only seamlessly integrates with your current tools, including remote monitoring systems, but we go a step further.

If you have unique integration needs or specific tools you'd like to incorporate, we're more than happy to take a closer look.

Our team is open to exploring custom solutions that align perfectly with your business requirements, ensuring a tailored and efficient integration process.

How does StayOnHire support us in efficiently managing the delivery and pick-up logistics for our generators and lighting towers?

StayOnHire streamlines the logistics of delivering and picking up your equipment.

With user-friendly tools designed for the rental industry, our platform helps you schedule deliveries, manage transport routes, and ensure timely arrivals.

By optimising the logistics process, StayOnHire enhances the overall efficiency of your rental operations, making the management of generator and lighting tower logistics a seamless experience.

What does StayOnHire do to keep our customer and rental data secure, especially considering the nature of our business?

Ensuring data security is a priority for StayOnHire.

We implement robust measures, including encrypted connections and secure protocols, to safeguard your customer and rental data, recognising its sensitivity.

Can StayOnHire show us specific information about how often our popular generators are used and how well our advanced lighting towers are performing?

As StayOnHire refines your billing processes within the system, our evolving analytics tools will provide precise insights into the usage frequency of your popular generators and the performance metrics of advanced lighting towers.

This integration ensures that your billing data seamlessly aligns with the analytics, enabling you to make informed decisions, optimise inventory, and deliver a superior rental experience to your customers.

StayOnHire is committed to providing a holistic solution that enhances both your operational and analytical capabilities.

How does StayOnHire support our team with user training and onboarding to ensure a smooth transition to the platform?

StayOnHire prioritises user training and onboarding to guarantee a seamless transition for your team.

We offer free onboarding support and guided training sessions, ensuring that every member of your team is well-acquainted with the platform's features and functionalities.

Our user-friendly interfaces further facilitate a smooth onboarding process, empowering your team to maximise the benefits of StayOnHire from day one.

For those who need more

We can code custom solutions

Not every plant and heavy equipment hire businesses is the same. With countless solutions under our belt, we're confident you won't be disappointed in the value or solution.

export const AssetStatusDetails = {
    [AssetStatus.READY]: {
      text: "Ready for hire",
      value: AssetStatus.READY,
      color: "blue",

Standard conditions apply, including but not limited to:

1 Offer valid with a current invoice from any competitor.
1 Offer valid for StayOnHire annual plans.
1 Credit will be applied to a StayOnHire plan in an amount equal to the amount that is payable to the competitor as of the date of switching to StayOnHire, for the same number of users, for a maximum credit of two years of the selected StayOnHire service.


Standard conditions apply, including but not limited to:

2 Offer valid for new customer referrals with an annual subscription.
2 Credit will be issued in Australian Dollars ($AUD).
2 Credits cannot be redeemed for cash or vouchers of any type.
2 Credits are not transferrable outside of your organisation.
2 Credit will be applied once the referral has completed their onboarding.

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