Track your

  • Assets
  • Jobs
  • Billable Hours
  • Damages

Get cloud-based software built for the rental businesses ready to streamline their internal processes and teams; with a suite of easy-to-use, modern tools.

Get cloud-based software built for the rental businesses.

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Unify your team in one system

Create a  source of truth for your team to access, edit and share critical information related to planning jobs, managing rental clients and maintaining large fleets; with comprehensive equipment registers that link to efficient job allocations and planning.


Bring your operations to life

From admin to workshop fitters and plant operators, synchronise a unified run sheet for your entire team and get them on the same page.

With simple tools for teams and growing fleets


Digitise your hire processes

Replace your paper based processes with digital solutions that automatically sync and link with one another.


Schedule pending hires in realtime using a split screen calendar to instantly visualise jobs, fleet availability and upcoming maintenance due on your fleet.


On hire machines from the office or out in the workshop and never lose track of a billable unit again.


Instantly view your hire schedule in a spreadsheet layout with job, asset and usage information clearly documented; and capture all billable units perfectly every time.


Bridge your admin and assets

With metallic QR codes mounted to the dashboard of your assets, link any cellular mobile device to a digital inspection created by your admin; with endless customisation and results visible to your team instantly.

From daily operator pre-starts, to detailed pre/post hire condition inspections; systematically digitise the capture, documentation and storage of checklists that your operations need.


Pick the solution:


Manage jobs, allocate assets and track realtime on/off hire in one place

Organise even the most complex schedule of availability, with a calendar designed to support companies with thousands of assets and attchments.

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Capture and report critical field usage, damage and maintenance information digitally

Monitor your asset's last recorded engine hours, condition and more; with digital inspections for both your customers and workshop staff, to help bridge the gap between your office and site.

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We'll handle the rest.

export const AssetStatusDetails = {
    [AssetStatus.READY]: {
      text: "Ready for hire",
      value: AssetStatus.READY,
      color: "blue",

Frequently asked questions:

What does "BETA" mean?

We build a lot of crazy new things for the equipment hire industry, and BETA refers to software that is still undergoing testing and has not yet been officially released.

As a customer, you will not have direct access to these products, features or tools but can instead expect to see them coming to market in the near future.

Can I use "BETA" software?

Our BETA software can be made available to a select few users, who express interest in helping us build, test and deploy cutting-edge products and services throughout their live operations.

This path is for those bold, fearless trailblazers, who seek endless innovation, can provide unique industry insight and don't fear bugs. For those select few, we look forward to sharing the pain and the gain, so send us a message if this sounds like you.