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Make the switch and we'll help cover the cost

Make the switch & we'll
 help cover the cost 

We'll credit you the remainder of any invoice you have with a competitor when you switch to StayOnHire today.1

We'll credit you the remainder of any invoice you have with a competitor when you switch to StayOnHire today.1

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We support your team's operational needs and implementation

We excel in uniting your management, sales, and planning teams seamlessly during the transition of plant and heavy machinery hire operations, ensuring a swift and tailored pace that suits your business needs.

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Claim your credit

Show us your bill from a competitor, effortlessly claim the remainder of your invoice against your new StayOnHire account – it's that simple.

Make the switch
Spreadsheets like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel Logos are Strong together

Start fresh or migrate across

We'll take a look at all the spreadsheets and data your business has and show you best practise for setting up, or even better, send them through and we can have a look at importing them in for you!

An administrator planning labour and vehicles

Implement gradually or fast

Keeping operations running smooth is the number one priority for us to ensure everyone on the team is confident in the solution. We'll help you roll it out, show key personnel how to use core functionality and ensure everyone in your team is getting value out of the system.


Built for growing rental companies

Upgrade your rental business to StayOnHire—an advanced solution enticing you away from your current software or ERP system. Whether you're growing, tech-savvy, or have unique needs, experience superior features, real-time updates, and personalised support for a seamless transition.

Excavator small business

Growing Small Businesses

Fuel your growing rental business with StayOnHire. Our solution grows with you, offering flexibility and scalability. Say goodbye to manual hassles and hello to streamlined growth.
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Tech-Savvy New Businesses

Tech-driven company? Meet StayOnHire—the modern, online solution synced with your innovation. Real-time updates, continuous enhancements, and scalability await. Elevate your tech game with StayOnHire
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Companies Seeking Custom Solutions

Your unique rental business deserves a unique solution. Enter StayOnHire—your personalised partner. Experience tailored solutions, collaborative planning, and ongoing support crafted just for your distinctive needs.
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Switch to a seamless & user-friendly system

Reduce the time spent trying to find job, fleet and worker details with software that allows you to manage it all in an easy-to-use system for your key personnel

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Consultation & Assessment

Your business journey is unique—let's explore it together and shape a solution that resonates with your vision.

Collaborate with StayOnHire experts to tailor solutions to your business goals

Gain insights into customisation options for enhanced performance

Align StayOnHire features with your unique business requirements

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CustomiSation Planning

Imagine the possibilities as we tailor a roadmap that reflects your business's essence and operational aspirations.

Plan a solution that seamlessly adapts to your business processes through one-on-one discussions over video calls

Craft a personalised StayOnHire experience, ensuring efficiency and productivity are tailored to your needs

Explore customisation possibilities through virtual meetings, designed to match the specific nuances of your business

Data Migration

Trust us to safeguard your data journey—seamless migration and un-compromised integrity at every step.

Ensure a smooth transition by securely migrating your data with the dedicated support of StayOnHire resources

Guarantee data integrity throughout the migration process, providing peace of mind for your business

Migrate seamlessly with a focus on data security and compliance with standards, all managed online just for you

How to draft a project in StayOnHire
Training & Onboarding

Empower your team with personalised training, ensuring a smooth and exciting journey into the StayOnHire experience.

Empower your team through personalised virtual training sessions facilitated by StayOnHire experts via video calls

Navigate the switch easily with StayOnHire's user-friendly online interface, personalised to your team's preferences

Foster team collaboration for a smooth and personalised online onboarding experience with StayOnHire

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Implementation & Integration

Your vision is our guide—watch as we meticulously implement and seamlessly integrate StayOnHire into your operational fabric.

Execute the planned implementation for optimal business performance with the personalised support of StayOnHire's online experts

Seamlessly integrate StayOnHire with your existing business tools through personalised virtual collaboration

Enhance your operations through efficient online integration, designed uniquely for your business, with StayOnHire

Worker standing in front of integrations
From civil construction companies:
"I'm loving using the StayOnHire program and am finding the ease of functionality the best feature!"
Operations Administrator at Red Dust Holdings
Real-Time Product Updates

Stay ahead with StayOnHire's real-time updates, designed to keep your business on the cutting edge of industry innovation.

Stay at the forefront of technological advancements with StayOnHire's real-time online updates, tailored to your business needs

Experience the advantage of StayOnHire's continuous feature enhancements, keeping you ahead in your industry

Keep your business competitive with the latest online features provided exclusively for your business by StayOnHire

A tablet and mobile device showing the ready status of StayOnHire
User Support & Feedback

Your journey is ours too—our dedicated support is just a call away, and we value every insight you share to shape a better experience.

Utilise StayOnHire's dedicated online support channels, offering a personalised touch to enhance your unique user experience

Encourage ongoing feedback through personalised virtual meetings to better understand and address your specific needs

Benefit from a personalised online support experience tailored to your time zones and business practices with StayOnHire

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Monitoring and OptimiSation

Dive into optimisation with StayOnHire—watch as we fine-tune configurations to match the rhythm of your business operations.

Implement online monitoring tools for optimal business performance

Optimise configurations based on usage patterns and evolving business needs

Ensure peak efficiency in StayOnHire's online features tailored uniquely for your business needs

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Celebrate the Switch

Cheers to a successful switch—celebrate milestones achieved with StayOnHire, your partner in every accomplishment.

Acknowledge and celebrate the successful online transition with StayOnHire, celebrating milestones achieved together

Highlight achievements and the positive impact of switching to StayOnHire's online platform

Foster a deep sense of accomplishment within your business community, supported by StayOnHire

An iPad with StayOnHire scheduling open
Continuous Improvement

Your growth is our commitment—partner with StayOnHire to explore continuous improvement, ensuring your business journey evolves dynamically.

Stay personally engaged with StayOnHire's continuous online improvements for businesses

Explore ongoing online optimisation opportunities to adapt to evolving business needs

Harness StayOnHire's commitment to evolving alongside your personal online business journey

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Frequently asked questions

Make the switch
How does StayOnHire ensure a smooth transition, and will our team receive hands-on support to avoid any disruptions to our operations?

Transitioning from one system to another can be nerve-wracking.

Rest assured, StayOnHire's dedicated transition team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless shift.

Your team's operations are our top priority, and we're committed to making this process as painless as possible.

What's the catch? How exactly will the credit from our existing ERP bill be applied to our new service with StayOnHire?

We understand that making a change involves both time and financial considerations.

At StayOnHire, our aim is to not only show our appreciation for choosing us but also to help you reduce costs associated with exploring a better option.

The credit we're offering is a direct acknowledgment of your commitment and will be applied to your new service with StayOnHire, effectively easing the financial transition and demonstrating the immediate value of choosing our platform over your current ERP provider.

Can StayOnHire's solution really adapt to our unique quirks and processes, and how much customisation is possible?

At StayOnHire, we understand that one size doesn't fit all.

Our commitment to you extends beyond providing a service; we offer custom development options to ensure our solution aligns seamlessly with your unique quirks and processes.

Every user benefits from real-time updates, not just for their own developments but for the entire StayOnHire community.

This means you not only get a tailored solution but also stay on the cutting edge with features and improvements developed collaboratively with other users.

How do you plan to support our team during the transition, and what happens after implementation if we run into any bumps?

Change can be challenging, and StayOnHire is here to make it easier.

Our team will be by your side, offering hands-on training during the transition. And guess what?

We're not disappearing afterward. StayOnHire's support team is on standby post-implementation to tackle any questions or challenges that come your way.

Security is a big deal for us—how can we trust that our data will be safe, and what about industry compliance?

We take your security seriously because it's personal.

StayOnHire's solution is fortified with robust security measures, and we're not cutting corners.

We'll work closely with your team to ensure we're not just meeting but exceeding industry compliance standards. Your data's safety is our promise.

Can you break down the costs without any hidden surprises, and how can we trust that this transition won’t break the bank?

We're all about transparency at StayOnHire.

Let's talk numbers openly. Our commitment is to provide a clear breakdown of costs with no hidden surprises.

We understand the budget dance, and our aim at StayOnHire is to be not just cost-effective but a breath of fresh air compared to the traditional ERP price tags.

Realistically, when will we start seeing the benefits, and can you give us a glimpse into the timeline for the transition process?

We know you're eager to see results, and StayOnHire is eager to deliver.

The timeline is not a one-size-fits-all; it's crafted based on your needs.

Our goal at StayOnHire is to get you up and running quickly so you can start experiencing the benefits sooner rather than later.

What sets StayOnHire apart from the others, and what ongoing perks can we expect beyond the initial credit for our existing ERP bill?

We're not just another option; StayOnHire is your partner in growth. Our startup thrives on innovation, personalised service, and a commitment to your success.

Beyond the initial credit, picture ongoing value—continuous improvements, feature enhancements, and a dedicated partnership that evolves with your unique journey.


Standard conditions apply, including but not limited to:

1 Offer valid with a current invoice from any competitor.
1 Offer valid for StayOnHire annual plans.
1 Credit will be applied to a StayOnHire plan in an amount equal to the amount that is payable to the competitor as of the date of switching to StayOnHire, for the same number of users, for a maximum credit of two years of the selected StayOnHire service.


Standard conditions apply, including but not limited to:

2 Offer valid for new customer referrals with an annual subscription.
2 Credit will be issued in Australian Dollars ($AUD).
2 Credits cannot be redeemed for cash or vouchers of any type.
2 Credits are not transferrable outside of your organisation.
2 Credit will be applied once the referral has completed their onboarding.

For those who need more

We can code custom solutions

Not every plant and heavy equipment hire businesses is the same. With countless solutions under our belt, we're confident you won't be disappointed in the value or solution.

export const AssetStatusDetails = {
    [AssetStatus.READY]: {
      text: "Ready for hire",
      value: AssetStatus.READY,
      color: "blue",
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