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Integrated to-do lists for

  • executing jobs & hires
  • individual staff
  • prioritising what matters
  • digitalising your notepad
  • bringing teams together
  • getting tasks out of your head
StayOnHire to dos under a job

Get tasks out of your head

Have something that needs to get done? Write it in the your app and tag the people responsible or link it to a job's progress

Link tasks to jobs, hires and project executions

Tag people responsible to complete the task

Tag assets, attachments or field workers associated with the tag

job progress in stayOnHire

Prioritise tasks that move the needle

Prioritise your most pressing jobs and tasks to be done by filtering by job, by person or due date

Save time and productivity for high value tasks

Get job-blocking tasks done first

Never lose sight of what matters

StayOnHire to do listed under a project

Less effort, more productivity

Take the effort out of getting high-value work done with easy-to-use functionality

Get reminders when tasks are overdue

Add completion comments as required

Ditch the post-it notes, whiteboards and notebooks for job-specific tasks


Create tasks, prioritise them and get things done

Prioritise what matters the most with easy-to-use to-do task lists that sync with your fleet, workers, staff and jobs being executed.

StayOnHire to dos under a job
get tasks out of your head

Get those pesky tasks out of your head when drafting an upcoming project by simply listing thing to be done

Link tasks to jobs, hires and project executions

Tag people responsible to complete the task

Tag assets, attachments or field workers associated with the tag

How StayOnHire tasks appear with Tasks assigned to them
visualise with job executions

Document tasks to be done while planning your upcoming project

Visualise assets, labour and job-blocking tasks

Prioritise what matters

Create tasks for yourself and others to get done

StayOnHire to do listed under a project

Break the complex, into simple, easy-to-follow tasks that your team can complete quickly

Create a sense of satisfaction getting work done

Communicate project needs across teams

Create accountability, reminders and deadlines

From civil construction companies:
"I'm loving using the StayOnHire program and am finding the ease of functionality the best feature!"
Operations Administrator at Red Dust Holdings

Prioritise your most pressing jobs and tasks to be done by filtering by job, by person or due date

Save time and productivity for high value tasks

Get job-blocking tasks done first

Never lose sight of what matters

job progress in stayOnHire
delight your clients

Execute job with everything done, every time

Don't small inconveniences slip through the cracks

Creaet smooth, repeatable processes for each job

Empower your team to enjoy being productive and happy with digital solutions

How StayOnHire tasks apppear

StayOnHire & To Dos

Our To Dos feature is available to all customers and is best leveraged by growing teams of multiple staff

Excavator small business

Fleets & Teams

Companies that manage wet or dry hire across several projects will find a huge advantage with this JobAdder integration to StayOnHire as their planning system.
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rocket blasting off into the night sky

Expanding Quickly

Businesses that are growing quickly and need their internal teams to stay on the same page in relation to labour requirements, candidates, confirmed placements and job execution.
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A worker standing in front of administration and management

Large Organisations

Not every big business lives on legacy ERP systems. This integration is for teams that demand a modern solution, with easy-to-understand usability for all team members to contribute toward business objectives.
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We support your team's operational needs and implementation

We specialise in bringing management, sales, and planning teams together when migrating plant and heavy machinery hire operations at the pace you require.

An administrator standing in front of a skid steer loader and worker

Schedule a demo

Jump in a video call with us and we'll give you a run down on all features and functions your company will have access to.

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Spreadsheets like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel Logos are Strong together

Start fresh or migrate across

We'll take a look at all the spreadsheets and data your business has and show you best practise for setting up, or even better, send them through and we can have a look at importing them in for you!

An administrator planning labour and vehicles

Implement gradually or fast

Keeping operations running smooth is the number one priority for us to ensure everyone on the team is confident in the solution. We'll help you roll it out, show key personnel how to use core functionality and ensure everyone in your team is getting value out of the system.


Frequently asked questions

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Are there setup fees associated with using to do task management features?

No, there are no additional setup fees aside beyond your subscription to receive to do task management features.

You application will have these features activated by default in your account and can be adjusted in your organisation settings if you do not wish to use the feature.

Who needs to do task management software in their business?

Our to do task management feature is best suited for businesses that have grown beyond 2-3 staff members to influence the planning and execution of jobs or tasks around the business.

Unlike other to do apps available, ours is directly linked to your operational fleet, job and staff, allowing for an unusually convenient way to get things done (with the right context).

What is to do task management software used for?

Our to do feature is used for getting those little mental tasks out of your head and into a place where your team can execute them.

These tasks can be as minor a small reminders or as complex as changing complex job requirements.

When should we begin using do task management features with our jobs, assets and labour scheduling?

We recommend all users of StayOnHire take advantage of the feature by trying it out as soon as they have mental tasks to be done.

The feature is light-wight, simple and easy-to-use, allowing everyone in your organisation the ability to get the most out of it immediately.

Where can I use to do task management software in my business?

The do do features are currently built into our office application, meaning the most practical use will be from desktop computers and the office.

We have plans in the near future to integrate this feature into the mobile application, so keep an eye out!

Why should I use to do task management in my business?

To do task management can help your team become more productive, prioritise what matters the most, never lose track of tasks to be done and enjoy the process while doing so!

The feature is designed to be simple, fun and engaging for everyone in your organisation to jot down whats in their mind and costs nothing more than a little effort.

How long does it take to get to do task management software up and running for my business?

As the feature is instantly active in all accounts, no time at all. From the first moment you begin using your StayOnHire account, your team can start leveraging this feature.

Is StayOnHire good for to do task management?

We hope so! The biggest difference between using our to do features and stand alone apps, is that tasks can be linked in realtime to your jobs, fleets, attachments, workers and staff.

This creates a unique feature that can't be easily replicated by any other application and we think it feels pretty special.

For those who need more

We can code custom solutions

Not every business needs the same to do task management functionality. With countless solutions under our belt, tell us what you need and let us build you a bespoke system for around your exact needs.

export const AssetStatusDetails = {
    [AssetStatus.READY]: {
      text: "Ready for hire",
      value: AssetStatus.READY,
      color: "blue",

Standard conditions apply, including but not limited to:

1 Offer valid with a current invoice from any competitor.
1 Offer valid for StayOnHire annual plans.
1 Credit will be applied to a StayOnHire plan in an amount equal to the amount that is payable to the competitor as of the date of switching to StayOnHire, for the same number of users, for a maximum credit of two years of the selected StayOnHire service.


Standard conditions apply, including but not limited to:

2 Offer valid for new customer referrals with an annual subscription.
2 Credit will be issued in Australian Dollars ($AUD).
2 Credits cannot be redeemed for cash or vouchers of any type.
2 Credits are not transferrable outside of your organisation.
2 Credit will be applied once the referral has completed their onboarding.

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