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February 16, 2021
Minor Feature

#0100 - 'Auto Not Ready' Status

UpdatesStayOnTrack#0100 - 'Auto Not Ready' Status

Prevent recently off hired assets from being re-hired out, by automatically changing their status to 'Not Ready for Hire'

This feature was designed to support companies who need assets to be serviced or reviewed by a technician manually before being allowed back in service. To get started:

1. Start by toggling the feature in Settings > StayOnTrack > Preferences > Auto Not Ready and clicking Save.

New settings page, specific to StayOnTrack features

2. Recently Off hired / Checked in machines (such as EX-01 below), will now automatically change their coloured status to RED, indicating the asset is 'Unavailable | Not Ready for Hire'.

See red status of example asset EX-01

3. Equipment quicklooks will also show the machine as 'Unavailable | Not Ready for Hire'.

EX-01's quicklook summary

4. To return your asset to a 'Ready to Hire' state, change it's status in the Equipment page: Equipment > Edit Mode > Ready Status

Changing your asset back to 'Ready for Hire' manually

5. If you can't see this column, check to see it's not hidden in the Show/Hide filter

Adjusting your Show/Hide columns

6. While the machine can be scheduled in for future hires or projects, it will not be able to be on hired until it's status has been changed to 'Ready for Hire'.

An example error when trying to on hire an asset 'Not Ready for Hire'

Information contained in screenshots are for example purposes only and may be subject to change in future.