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February 23, 2021
Usability and User Interface

#0102 - Feature Requests and Ticket Progress Tracking

UpdatesWebsite & Support#0102 - Feature Requests and Ticket Progress Tracking
Website & Support

Submit feature requests and see their progress in real-time as the StayOnHire development team progress through your ticket.

This update was designed to allow all StayOnHire customers to submit feedback and product specific suggestions that can be tracked in real-time with our development team.

1. Feature Requests can be submitted through

Feature Request website page

A link to this page can also be found in our website footer:

Updated Website footer links

2. Your suggestions will enter our publicly visible development timeline. While we have hundreds of private development tasks, these are specific to tickets received through the Feature Request form.

Tickets can be viewed and tracked online

3. Updates will now include a simple update accessible at

Product Updates Page

Information contained in screenshots are for example purposes only and may be subject to change in future.